Doc Seidman Says…. …..I recently completed my edX class, “How to Build Chatbots and Make Money.” It took me about two weeks to complete the class. The learning was done on my own pace. Even after a few days away, the class would continue from where I left off previously. The class consisted of a […]

  Recently, I was in my local Target, browsing around the electronics department. A young man, seemingly of college age, was interested in purchasing a Bluetooth speaker. He had many questions for the department employee. How long will the battery last? Is the Bluetooth easy to pair with other devices? How long will the speaker […]

Doc Seidman says……… …I am taking a course on designing chatbots using edX, a mooc (massive online open course). I am halfway through my course at this point and here are some quick reflections: This course is completely free– I have not paid a thing at this point, nor have I given edX a large […]

  Recently, we  took a campus tour at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York. This well-regarded university is part of the part of the SUNY (State University of New York) system. The school offers many majors and minors but specializes in Engineering, Computers, Math, and Medical Support majors. We’ve come up with things […]

Doc Seidman Says…. …Does anybody even take notes anymore? Do college students buy notebooks or is everything now electronic? Whether or not you take good notes, you should have good notes. This is almost a no-brainer. Why? It’s getting harder and harder to follow along with your professor. Many are old, crusty, and just plain […]

Doc Seidman Says… …It’s no secret that as technology is taking over, attention spans are waning. Readers of this blog have gained (hopefully) insights on how to succeed in college; either by trying or by not trying. Those insightful posts generally tend to run 600-1,000 words each.  In today’s super quick, millisecond attention span world, […]

  ….College students: Is the subject matter of the class really hard? Is the professor really boring? Are you struggling in a class and worrying about your grades? Fear not! If your class is hard, or boring, or both, note that there are things you can do—aside from studying— to help your grade. The items […]