Doc Seidman says………

…I am taking a course on designing chatbots using edX, a mooc (massive online open course). I am halfway through my course at this point and here are some quick reflections:

  • This course is completely free– I have not paid a thing at this point, nor have I given edX a large amount of my data in return. I have an option to purchase a certificate of completion for $99. The certificate would be useful if I wanted to make the course resume-able or add this to my LinkedIn profile.
  • The user interface is simple– To this point, the course is completely video driven. Each module consists of watching short videos prepared by the “professor.” Captions are automatically provided in the space next to the video. There have also been a few short, multiple-choice quizzes throughout the course.
  • The course is self-paced– I can work on the course whenever it is convenient for me. edX also makes it easy to go back and review past content.
  • Money making options are presented– The first part of the course reviewed various ways with course participants can make money from this new knowledge (building chatbots). If someone chooses to do so, the return on investment can be significant.
  • Corporate partnership– Backed by IBM, and providing access to various IBM resources, this course is much more than a random professor giving a lecture. This partnership adds credibility to the experience.

It is worth mentioning that I am not a programmer. The course is designed for non-programmers like myself, however, they do provide extra direction for those that are. Also- this course, and edX in general, is a great continuing education option. I am not looking to go back to school and receive a formal degree, nor would I pay a lot of money to attend a conference on similar subjects. This is a new skill set I can receive, for free, from the comfort of my office, at times that are convenient for me.

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