college notes

Doc Seidman Says….

…Does anybody even take notes anymore? Do college students buy notebooks or is everything now electronic?

Whether or not you take good notes, you should have good notes. This is almost a no-brainer. Why? It’s getting harder and harder to follow along with your professor. Many are old, crusty, and just plain dull. Sitting in class is simply a waiting game until the class is over. Most students don’t buy the textbook and therefore struggle for good notes.

Google is a great source of finding notes. With some keen search engine prowess, you may find what you need. There are websites that can be of help too. Most require you to join, give up some data, and be subject to their email lists.

A new website I have found is True, you have to join, but they don’t collect much, if any data, and they certainly don’t share it. There are no fees and mailing lists. It is simply a place to shop for notes…good notes, too.

You can also sell your notes on gotcollege. You can make some beer money from your old notes (and tests). Can’t beat that. Give a try.

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