Doc Seidman Says…

…It’s no secret that as technology is taking over, attention spans are waning. Readers of this blog have gained (hopefully) insights on how to succeed in college; either by trying or by not trying. Those insightful posts generally tend to run 600-1,000 words each.  In today’s super quick, millisecond attention span world, those posts are too long, and I probably lose many readers.

Enter my first 200- word blog post! I now will attempt to share my insights in a quick enough time for most of my readers to maintain interest (myself included). That being said, let’s get started—and I’ve already used up more than 100 words so I’m in big trouble.

I recently joined Quora and have been having a good time answering questions from anxious college students about college life. There are concerns about classes, activities, and friendships, to name a few.

I always seem to say this:

Enjoy the college experience. It will have its ups and downs. Enjoy the good times and gut it out through the bad times. You are not alone. That’s what friends are for. Don’t drop out and learn many interesting new things.

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