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Doc Seidman Says….

…Looking for a job is never easy and is rarely pleasant. It doesn’t have to be that way. I invite you to read the following post from recent college grad  Lucy Capul. 

Recently, I attended an online networking seminar hosted by my alma mater. I went to a session a few months back and did not find it useful. It was my first online networking session and I had a hard time navigating through it. I received an email a few weeks ago with a list of some of the online networking sessions they were hosting in the upcoming weeks and signed up for one. The networking event I signed up for was, “Ask an HR Expert.” I said, why not?

The way the online networking was set up was through different “booths” that you can enter. Included were sessions on general networking, salary promotions, or a job search, to name a few. They had different booths categorized to what you were there for. I entered two booths: Job Search and General Networking. In each booth, the online system automatically matches you with someone in that booth. You have six minutes to chat with that person about anything. You can link your LinkedIn profile and ask that person questions about the industry and get connected with fellow alumni. It was a much better experience than the first time I attended. I got to chat with an alumnus who is an HR manager. She was willing to connect me to individuals with certain positions that I inquired about. I had advised her about my career goals and where I applied in the past, as well as what I was seeking for in the future. I had no intention of getting connections to the companies that I previously applied for. Less than two minutes into our meeting, she was willing to help me out. By the end of our six-minute conversation, I established a new networking connection, met an alumnus, and had the potential career opportunity of my dreams. She knew people in the industry that could help me get connected.

I also got to chat with others who needed help in their professional career whether they were starting a business or are looking for new opportunities. After six-minutes for each conversation, it would time out and you had to move on to meeting the next person. It was a whirlwind hour that It was a very interesting and innovative way to network but it was effective.

Every day, I start and end my day on the things that I am grateful for. I ended that day feeling grateful for that online networking event and for everyone that I interacted with. I made more connections on LinkedIn, could get potential career options for my future, and a chance to advise my fellow alumni on any struggles they are going through. It was a productive day, just because of that hour of online networking.

Make every minute of your day count. Don’t be afraid to attend various networking events in person and online. Step out of our comfort zone and give things a second chance.

It only took me six minutes to get an opportunity that I would have not gotten if I didn’t give this a second chance, if I didn’t give my six minutes of my day to chat with a random stranger.

It’s 9 am. Coffee, Tea, Snooze? Let’s Snooze for six minutes.

Lucy is the social media coordinator for Affordable College Prep and blogs about the challenges recent college graduates face during the job search. You can follow her blog, Nine A.M., Coffee, Tea. or Snooze on Wix.


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