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Doc Seidman Says…..

…..There’s an old joke that goes:

One day a girl said to her friend, “I wish I had a nickel for every boy who has asked me out.”

“Wow, said the friend, “You would have enough to use a public bathroom.”

Despite the acerbically-charged honesty from the mean-spirited friend, romance and sex are important topics in the college student arena. Researchers from Ohio State University have found that male college students think about sex 19 times a day while female student think about it ten times daily. That’s probably much more often than the times students think about the chemistry homework or the teacher’s corny jokes. Thinking of sex consumes a fair amount of a college student’s mental energy. (Perhaps teachers should tell corny sex jokes? Hmmmm…)

College sex is a multi-faceted, complicated subject.  There is the “pleasant” side which involves a conceptual relationship between partners versus the more “unpleasant” side when the relationship is not conceptual. As I like to keep my blog posts warm-hearted and relatively controversial free, this post will stick to the topic of conceptual sex.

In doing my “on line” research, I came across several somewhat-random facts which should be of interest to college students. Whereas sex can certainly be a complicated subject, it is an important subject too, especially if it is consuming so much brain space. Truth be told; however, I am writing this for selfish reasons. I would like to attract more readers to my blog. I promise to keep this post within a PG13 rating. Don’t stop reading though.  In fact, encourage your friends to follow.

Like the joke at the top of the post, many people have a self-possessed misconception about their romantic life. (Either that or they have heartless friends.)  Friends often brag to friends, or anyone else in earshot about their robust promiscuity. They may not be telling the truth. A 2013 study at Ohio State University- which apparently likes to study sex-  found that both men and women were likely to lie about their sextual behavior.

For those looking for that special someone or occasional hookup, despite all of today’s technology most students still prefer meeting their partners the old-fashioned way, through friends or shared interests. A recent survey of 3,500 college students done by Adobo, the apartment hunting app- and not Ohio State University, surprisingly- found that only 4% of college students use dating apps for dating. Students claim to use the dating apps more for entertainment and ego boosting, feeling better about themselves, apparently. The dating apps can work well, however, for the purpose they were created: dating. Example: the founder of, Gary Kremen, lost his girlfriend to a man she met on Ouch!

On a more upbeat side, sex has been shown to have medicinal benefits. Sex can burn off between one hundred to two hundred calories. Take that, fitness buffs! It is also a way to relieve, not cause headaches. And it is claimed that sex can make your skin glow and your hair appear shinier.

Sex is also good for your mental health. It can reduce blood pressure, increase self-esteem, and make you feel and look younger. And get this, a 2016 study in the Personality and Social Psychology Journal linked regular sex with improved analytical thinking. The rush of blood flowing to the brain during sex brings extra neurons and oxygen, boosting intellectual stimulation. Too bad sex is not allowed during those difficult math exams. Whose calculus was that?

For those college students on the less sexually active side of things, fear not. You are not at a disadvantage. Whereas everyone is talking about sex in college, many are still not “doing it.” A 2015 study by New York Magazine found that 41% of women and 49% of men stated that they were not sexually active in college. In fact, 40% were self-proclaimed virgins. Recent research found that there are more 20-year old virgins now than there were in the late 1950s.

Sex habits are certainly changing. A study in The Journal of Adolescent Health found that college women now prefer to have sex with a boyfriend, or someone they know well, rather than a casual hookup. That number is down from the previous “Gen X” demographic which was hooking up with much more frequency. Furthermore, less people are getting married while in college or shortly thereafter. The average age for getting married is 27 for women and 29 for men, much older than they were a generation ago.

Finally, a random college sex fact to get the conversation started at the dining hall tonight. Women with PhDs are twice as likely to have a one-night stand than those with only bachelor’s degrees. I guess more people are now seeing the doctor after all.

I’ll just leave that there. More to come.

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