Two guys are walking down the street when a mugger approaches them and demands their money. They both begrudgingly pull out their wallets and begin taking out their cash. Just then one guy turns to the other and hands him a bill. “Here’s that $20 I owe you,” he says.

Doc Seidman Says…….

…….Students- what is the joke situation in your college classroom? Are they there? Do your teachers bring them? I would guess that some teachers have them and others don’t.  It’s unfortunate if there are no jokes. Jokes, both good and bad ones, can make the college classroom better.

Jokes can do much more than make us laugh. They can stimulate the brain and jump start thinking. In the above example, the incongruous nature of the guy’s behavior shakes the brain up a bit and gets you to think. The humor comes in realizing that he is trying to pay back a debt; certainly, a strange way to do so.

A guy says to his doctor, “Every time I go on vacation, my wife gets pregnant. Went to France and she got pregnant. Went to Spain and she got pregnant again. Went to Germany and she got pregnant a third time.” The doctor says, “Have you thought of using some protection to avoid so many pregnancies?” The guy replied, “No, but I’ve been thinking that maybe I should take her with me next time.”

The listener, and the doctor, both think that the husband and wife are together on vacation which is why she is getting pregnant. The humor comes in realizing that is inaccurate and the wife wasn’t with him. As in the previous joke, the brain reaches to make a connection between the various ways of thinking.

Connecting the various ways of thinking should be what the college classroom is all about. Upon graduation, working lives are going to be busy making decisions and solving problems. Decisions can’t always be one-sided or impulsive. Smart decisions involve thinking things trough thoroughly and using both sides of the brain. If an employee calls out sick, how is that resolved? Do you operate with one person less and let customer service suffer, or are there more creative ways to solve the problem? If there is an issue with a dissatisfied customer is the resolution thoughtless or thoughtful? By presenting jokes, the brain becomes stimulated and thinking becomes the norm. College should be all about thinking and learning.

Jokes can be a good way to start a class, wake up the brains in the middle of the class, or end the class, leaving the students with a joyous experience. Every now and then, during a particularly dry spot in the class, teachers might want to take five or ten minutes for jokes. Rare is the student who complains.

I have heard that students sometime purposely choose a class where the teacher is known to have jokes and avoid a class where the teacher is dry. This can work in larger colleges where students have more options. If it is a small school, class options are more limited and sadly, students are stuck with whomever.

Whatever the situation, jokes are good. They can make any difficult class more engaging. Students, you have the right to demand them, don’t you think?

A judge is addressing the husband in a divorce case. “Mr. Smith, I have reviewed this case carefully and I have decided to give your wife $2,000 a month.” The husband replies, “That’s very generous of you , your honor, and , believe me, I’ll try and help out a little myself now and then.”

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