Doc Seidman Says…

…. There are many things you can do to help yourself while in college. You can learn how to study properly, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and make good friends. Perhaps the best thing you can do, however, is to join a club or organization.

Most college students have probably heard this advice ad nauseam, almost to the point of where they purposely don’t want to join anything out of spite. To some, being the “anti-involved” student is the desired choice. That is flawed thinking. College is all about training your brain to make smart, not flawed decisions. Therefore, make a smart decision and join something.

Being a part of a club or organization gets you involved with the campus community. It allows you to make some new friends and even have some fun. You become more engaged in your college experience which in turn makes you a happier student. Happy is good. Happy means you are going to come back to school each fall and (hopefully) graduate in a timely manner. Happy also means you will become a proud alum. This makes your college quite happy.

What to join? Most colleges, even those with a smaller student body, give you many options. They list them on their website and remind you of them when you take a college tour. Most prominently, there is athletics, both organized and recreational. Almost all colleges have some type of sporting event or activity you can get involved with. If you are not the sporty type, there is the student newspaper. Not the wordy type, there is drama or music. There are religious organizations; political organizations; service organizations, and activist organizations you can participate in. Many colleges offer a club based on your area of study. You can join the Physics Club, the Math Club, The Hospitality Club, The Spanish Club, Future Engineers, Future Accountants, Future Botanists, The Philosophy Club, and on and on. There are clubs and organizations for computer programmers, computer hackers, debaters, singers, dancers, and even magicians. But wait. The college you are joining doesn’t have a Magicians Club? You can probably start one. Almost all schools have a process for which you can start your own organization. Follow the proper steps and your club for magicians can magically appear.

When I was in college I joined the band; the marching band to be more specific (go ahead and laugh). Don’t chuckle too hard because it was the smartest thing I did while at college. I got to see new places as we travelled with the football team. I also made a ton of new friends; many of which I am still in contact with today, thirty plus years later. Being part of the band kept me engaged with the school and most certainly made me a happier student. When I had a tough day in the academic or residential world, my friends in the band were always there to pick me up. Looking back, it was probably the difference between graduating from Cornell University and transferring somewhere else.

Don’t be the “anti-involved” student. The “anti-involved” student is typically angry and bitter and won’t have the same degree of fun as their “involved” student counterparts. College is an important time in your life. Make the most of it. Be smart. Get involved. Join something.


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