Office Hours

Doc Seidman Says…..

…..If your college teacher is part of the full-time faculty, he or she is required to keep Office Hours. “Office Hours” is the time when we are around the office, making ourselves available to talk to you.

I’ll be honest here. Many teachers don’t like Office Hours. They feel there is something else they would prefer to be doing. For instance, many of us yearn to head to the bowling alley to work on our game so we can be a force to be reckoned with during next Friday’s “Over 50” league. Some of us fantasize about being at the mall. There is always a pair of shoes that needs to be purchased or perhaps a new gizmo from the Apple Store that can be examined. If it is during the lunch hour, we are dreaming of being at Chick-fil-A or rolling through the Sonic drive thru with our radio blasting to sounds of the 70’s. The list goes on but space and attention span restraints prohibit me from adding to our list of places we would rather be.

But alas, we are not at Sonic, nor are we at the bowling alley.  We are in or around our offices, fulfilling our contractual requirement. But that’s not such a bad thing. Every now and then something happens which truly brightens our day and takes our thoughts away from chicken sandwiches and gutter balls. And that is you, the student, stopping by to see us.

You come for many reasons: you may need help with something, you missed a class and wanted to catch up, you may be seeking an extension on a deadline, or you may even just want to stop by and say hello. I don’t speak for every college teacher out there, but I think I speak for most of us when I say that we enjoy seeing you and talking to you.

Getting to chat with our students away from the classroom is one of the joys of our job. Most of you have interesting lives and hearing your story can be fascinating. (Besides, at some point if you need us to write a recommendation letter for you, the more we know only makes our letter more meaningful.) As long as you are not going to argue with us about a grade to the point of annoyance, we welcome your visit.

Most students avoid Office Hours. For some reason, stopping by and visiting the teacher during their Office Hours rates down there with stubbing your toe or getting the plague. And that is too bad. After all, we are just people like yourself trying to get through the day. We, too, are human. We make mistakes like everyone else and have people who like us and people who don’t like us. But we have a special job. We get to spend time with you, and hopefully, get to teach you things that will make you better people. Being there to help you however we can during Office Hours is just part of our jobs.

So, don’t be afraid to stop by. Find out when your teacher has their Office Hours and stop by once or twice, even if it is just to introduce yourself and say hello. We are happy to see you and help you whenever and however we can. Besides, we can always go to the mall on our day off.

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