Located in Conway, South Carolina, just north of Myrtle Beach, Coastal Carolina University (CCU) has just over 10,000 students and boasts a gorgeous 633-acre campus. We had a magnificent campus tour and are presenting our insights: No Car Needed Freshmen and sophomore students are required to live on campus and can get around just […]

#CollegeParents and #HighSchool students: Listen up. Recently, we visited the campus of University of North Florida (UNF). Located just outside Jacksonville, this rural campus has just under $16,000 students and offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees. With an in-state tuition of just over $6,000 a year ($21,000 for out-of-state students), this university is ranked in […]

College parents: As you plan for college for your son or daughter, please keep a few things in mind. For one, as I’m sure you know, college can be very expensive. Therefore, it is important that you take your time and find the right school. Also- you may think your son or daughter is ready […]

Doc Seidman Says…. …We recently took a campus tour at U.C.L.A. (University of California, Los Angeles).  This well-known university is a research university within the California university system. It is known for many things, but particularly its sports programs and alumni. Feel free to Google the school, the sports teams, and the alumni for more […]

  Doc Seidman Says… …Did you just fail a college class? That’s too bad. It feels awful, doesn’t it? In fact, it downright sucks. You feel defeated. I’m sure you even feel that you let your family down. That is a typical reaction. Of course, you let yourself down too. If you are like most […]

Doc Seidman Says…. …..I recently completed my edX class, “How to Build Chatbots and Make Money.” It took me about two weeks to complete the class. The learning was done on my own pace. Even after a few days away, the class would continue from where I left off previously. The class consisted of a […]

Doc Seidman Says…. …Recently, I was in my local Target, browsing around the electronics department. A young man, seemingly of college age, was interested in purchasing a Bluetooth speaker. He had many questions for the department employee. How long will the battery last? Is the Bluetooth easy to pair with other devices? How long will […]