College debt always seems to find itself in the news; and usually not for good reasons. To many, borrowing money to attend college is unavoidable. Most students will have to take on some debt to make their college dreams come true. What is important to note, however, that there are many simple things high school […]

You’ve made the decision to start learning a new language. Now, another decision awaits. Should you take a private class, where it is just you and the teacher, or a group class, where you are one of many students. Whether you opt for a virtual, or in-person learning environment, you also must decide whether to […]

To a student, an ESL class can be drudgery. It can be brain-draining, frustrating, and worse of all, boring. As many of our readers know, it doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t be that way. The ESL class, like any other class, should be fun. There are many ways to make it fun. […]

In a previous post I discussed the importance of humor in the ESL classroom. For all the jokesters and punsters out there, sadly, jokes and puns are for the most part ineffective in the English language learning environment. Most students simply won’t get the joke. The teacher must therefore rely on other ways to make […]

It’s widely known that humor has a great impact on learning. It breaks down the barriers between teacher and student, reduces classroom anxiety by making the students feel more comfortable, and stimulates the brain to think critically and creatively. But what impact can it have in an ESL classroom? It is certainly possible to tell […]

The recent #collegecheatingscandal created an outcry from the non-cheating, less “well-off” students; and justifiably so. It sucks to think that rich kids and their families can pay to cheat their way into a good college while the less-fortunate get gobsmacked for not cheating. Furthermore, the lack of financial resources means less, or no access to […]

The teacher walks into his foreign language classroom for the first time and sees a wide variety of students. It is a combination of male students and female students, younger students and older students, and students from different ethnic and racial backgrounds. He thinks he has the diversity of the class figured out. Or does […]